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I am a SUPER SKILLZ® Certified Call Centre/BPO Professional

It was a wonderful training experience for me.Super Skillz® helped me get an instant job.I have attended other certifications but could not find a job.With Super Skillz® BPO Training I learnt all about customer service,voice and accent, customer service, soft skills, telephone etiquette, sales techniques,interview and group discussion skills. Super Skillz® BPO training helped me prepare for interviews and now I work in one of the biggest call centre in India.Thanks to Super Skillz®!

I am a SUPER SKILLZ® Certified Training Professional

I have had a successful career  so far and had been training students before but I really wanted to improve my skills at par with industry requirements. I attended a Train The Trainer Certification from Super Skillz® via Webinar-online training. Webinar training was easy to attend. I could log-in from home and attend a training session at a time which was convinient to me. It feels good to be Certified by a Super Skillz® Master Trainer.Now, I train students in colleges and institutes in different cities and am planning to start my training company soon!

I am a SUPER SKILLZ® Certified Voice and Accent Professional

Earlier my customers could not understand my english as I had a strong mother tongue influence (MTI). Then, I decided to do something about it and signed up for Super Skillz Voice and Accent Certification.Believe me, it was a very detailed training.I learnt all about sounds, pronounciation rules, intonation patterns and spoken english skills. The training helped me in neutralising my accent and correcting my sounds.Now, I am able to speak  clearly and confidently with my customers. My customers can understand me better and some of them even complemented me on my clear speech.I think accent training is a must for everyone as it improves your communication skills.I am confident that I can succeed in any job now!

I am a SUPER SKILLZ® Certified Training Professional

I used to design training modules and  had a keen interest in training and educating students and professionals but didn’t know where to start.I joined the  Train The Trainer Certification and it was a great experience.The master Trainer was amazing. I learnt advance concepts of business communication  skills, soft skills, sales, personality development, presentation skills, adult learning practices, instructional designing and so much more.I was soon able to conduct training programs and have been successfully employed by MNC’s.I am proud to be a Super Skillz® Certified Trainer!

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